Good practices for successful cooperation among sister projects

15 December 2023 By

Following the joint event the sister projects group LOWINFOOD is participating in organised in Brussels on 26 October, a document identifying good practices and suggestions for improvement cooperation has been prepared.

The collaboration among the five projects funded under RUR-06-2020 and RUR-07-2020 calls started from the very beginning of their activities. A working system has been followed through the creation and use of a series of tools, such as common databases, different working groups, periodic rotating meetings, etc. This has enabled efficient collaboration and implementation of a set of actions which have helped maximise the impact of our projects.

During the meeting in Brussels, a joint analysis of the cooperation experience was done, and a set of good practices was identified, which may be of general interest to other sister project groups. All the sister projects, together with the REA project officers who also participated in the meeting, agreed to make public the report that resulted from this analysis. Click on the image below or here to access it; enjoy!