The adoption process of the digital platform to prevent food waste at the 13th AIEAA Conference

26 June 2024 By

20-21 June 2024, the LOWINFOOD UNITUS partners Clara Cicatiello (the coordinator), Marco Nasso and Emanuele Blasi participated in the 13th AIEAA Conference in Bari, Italy.

The motto of this edition of the conference was “The social sustainability of European agriculture facing old and new challenges. Issues, methods and policies”, and Marco Nasso contributed with a presentation of the work carried out assessing the adoption process of the software to manage withdraws of fruit & vegetables and donating them to charities developed by the government of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy, and discussed several aspects of the research scope, the research questions they work to answer, etc.

This research contributes to the literature on agri-food supply chain management by demonstrating the effectiveness of digital innovations in enhancing sustainability and reducing food waste, offering insights for future policy development to encourage technological adoption within the sector.