LOWINFOOD has established synergies with similar initiatives under topic RUR-07-2020 and RUR-06-2020 focusing on food loss and waste reduction, with the aim of favouring a networking environment and maximizing the project’s impact and dissemination of results, as well as facilitating knowledge exchange and mutual learning.

The following projects have agreed for cooperation:

During the duration of the projects that comprise the group of the so-called sister projects, representatives of all projects have been meeting periodically, to discuss how to stimulate cooperation and collaboration among them.

This cooperation disposition has led to a number of physical meetings, which, in turn, has helped strengthen the links and bonds among the different projects.

Sister Project´s video

Other inspiring projects

LOWINFOOD has identified some other EU-funded projects that share the same aim as LOWINFOOD of fostering innovative solutions to reduce food loss and waste in different value chains. We believe these projects, as well as the activities they are carrying out and outcomes they are publishing, might be of high interest to the LOWINFOOD community, so do not hesitate to visit them and learn more about different approaches to enhance sustainable food systems.