LOWINFOOD at the GFFA 2024

22 January 2024 By

On 17-20 January 2024, the LOWINFOOD partner Christina Strotmann (IsUN) participated in the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2024, held in Berlin (Germany), where she had the opportunity to show the Matomatic innovation as well as the workbook for bakery staff.

The stand where Christina presented LOWINFOOD was organized by the Thünen Institute by Felicitas Schneider, an expert on food waste for this institute and member of the LOWINFOOD Advisory Board, in her function as the coordinator of the Collaboration Initiative on Food Losses and Waste which was launched by Agricultural Chief Scientists of G20 countries. Thünen Institute organized an expert panel at the GFFA (title of session: “From global strategies to local implementation of food loss and food waste prevention”) and presented their own research activities on food waste (prevention) at their stand. In order to demonstrate the cooperation activities Felicitas invited their partners also to present their (joint) work. For this reason, there were several partners at the stand covering many parts of the world (e.g. Zimbabwe, Australia, Sri Lanka, Brazil).

“To my mind, the event was really successful in spreading our work and the topic of food waste prevention in general even beyond the borders of Europe throughout the world”, stated Christina.