FoodTracks at the International Bakery Exhibition (IBA)

26 October 2023 By

From 22 to 26 October 2023, the LOWINFOOD partner FoodTracks participated in the International Bakery Exhibition (IBA), held in Munich, Germany. It is considered the leading global trade fair for the bakery, confectionery, and snack industries. It serves as a global highlight for bakers and confectioners, bringing together professionals, enthusiasts and companies to explore the latest developments and innovations in baking. 

However, the bakery industry is also responsible for a large proportion of the food waste generated – around 1.7 million tonnes of bakery products end up in landfill every year, and an alarming amount of this is from returns from bakeries. FoodTracks uses AI-powered software to optimise ordering and reduce returns and food waste. 

Together with TooGoodToGo, FoodTracks rocked five exciting days at the bakery exhibition in Munich. Besides, Dr Tobias Pfaff, founder of FoodTracks, and Jürgen Zell, a representative of Optimo Software GmbH, talked about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in bakeries in a talk entitled “Artificial intelligence used wisely in bakeries”. They discussed how the analysis of large amounts of data can be used to make better forecasts, predict customer demand more precisely, optimise processes and increase efficiency.