Ecomondo opens new opportunities for LOWINFOOD

9 November 2022 By

The participation in Ecomondo has been very fruitful as the leading Euro-Mediterranean fair on circular economy has given LOWINFOOD a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with many citizens, projects, companies and researchers. In addition to presenting the project and its innovations, LOWINFOOD has been able to learn about many other interesting innovations around the circular economy, so the project members have had the opportunity to receive many new ideas.

LOWINFOOD’s experience at ECOMONDO

The 25th edition of Ecomondo has achieved record figures. During the event, 1,400 exhibiting brands presented their innovations in a space of 130,000 square metres. Among the many events taking place, the European Commission has participated in more than 30 events in which LOWINFOOD has also had its space. Many people attended with special interest the pitch session that Clara Cicatiello, coordinator of LOWINFOOD, gave to several investors and members of different companies and projects. It has also been very pleasant to share the EU stand with other EU-funded projects during the opening day of the fair. Many citizens and visitors approached the stand with an interest to know more about the project. LOWINFOOD would like to thank all of them and especially the European Commission for the opportunity given.