LOWINFOOD is starting the demonstration phase in the bakery

16 December 2021 By

The LOWINFOOD project has started the demonstration phase. The demonstration of the innovations for the bakery value chain includes the implementation of social innovation, which has involved bakeries in 3 countries to discuss hotspots of bread losses and related actions.

In the building of the CNA Viterbo/Civitavecchia, Italy, we held the first round-table with 12 selected bakeries, all located in the province of Viterbo. The participating bakeries, most of which are family businesses, have been introduced to the project and to the activities that will be carried on with them. The discussion was firstly focused on the activities that they already put in practice to measure and avoid bread losses. The main output of the discussion was that without a methodological approach to measure bread losses it is impossible to quantify the surplus in the production and to find new solutions to tackle this problem.

The UNITUS team has prepared a diary, to take note of relevant data such as the daily production of bread, the price and the destination of the surplus bread. The measurement will start from February 2022 and will last 6 months. During this period, we plan to set other meetings to support them and discuss their suggestion and feedback, as well as to discuss together the most effective actions against bread losses in the Italian context.