The Italian roadmap against bread waste attracts media attention

23 September 2022 By

On 22 September 2022, the LOWINFOOD partner CNA organised a press conference in Viterbo (Italy) to present the roadmap against bread waste they have designed within the project. The project coordinator Clara Cicatiello, who also attended the conference, explained the study that has been carried out within the project to quantify the amount of surplus of unsold products at the end of the day at bakeries: it emerged that 5.1% of the quantities produced remain unsold. “It seems little for a single store but applied to all the shops it becomes an enormous quantity of food that is wasted and that has an economic as well as social weight”, stated Clara Cicatiello.

To fight against this food wastage, they have developed a roadmap entitled “Una mano contro lo spreco” (a hand against waste), with a baker’s hand showing five tips in this sense; one tip per finger: 1) keep track of surplus, 2) encourage orders to better plan sales, 3) raise customer awareness on waste issues, 4) encourage donations for human consumption, 5) propose collective actions with involvement of the municipal administration and the CNA (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises).

Big coverage was reached by local and regional media: