The James Hutton Institute (JHI) is an international and interdisciplinary centre for research in food, energy and environmental security developing and promoting effective solutions for resources use and management. Expertise includes behaviours and attitudes of land and resource managers in response to change; environmental characteristics and land uses of Scotland, and pressures for change such as climate and socio-economic factors; valuation of ecosystem services; spatial modelling and development of decision toolkits for land managers and policy teams.

Role in LOWINFOOD: The JHI team will lead WP4 “Innovations to prevent and reduce fish losses and waste” and implement a socio-economic analysis of food waste reduction through innovations in all supply chains within Task 1.3. These activities include: co-management of the stakeholder dialogue in the fish supply chain; collection of data on quantities and prices before and after the implementation of the innovations and data analysis; analysis of the economics of food waste reduction based on economic theory and the data collected; co-ordination of data collection and analysis in all supply chains; co-development of policy recommendations. The JHI team will also contribute to dissemination (WP6) and project management (WP7).