Harokopio University (HUA) is a dynamic Greek University, specialising on issues related to the quality of life, spanning the full spectrum of Sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Waste Management and Circular Economy. Its peer -reviewed journal publications and projects per academic staff ranks it among the first three academic institutes in Greece. The project will be carried out by the “Sustainable Environmental Management & Technology- SEMT” research group, which has extensive experience on issues of waste management, prevention and circular economy, with special emphasis on food waste, biowaste and biological treatment.

Role in LOWINFOOD: The main contribution of HUA is expected in WP5 (demonstration of the innovations in 5.1 and 5.5) and WP6. In the latter work package, HUA is leader of task 6.4 and responsible for the scientific dissemination of the project results. HUA is also involved in WP1 and WP7 together with all other partners.