BLUE Meltemi is the largest 5-star resort in Santorini island (Greece), with a unique blend of ultra-luxurious facilities and five-star services. The hotel offers Greek breakfast and Mediterranean cuisine fine dining options, where opportunities for food waste prevention and overall environmental footprint reduction can be explored. BLUE Meltemi follows strictly the sustainability programme and standards that BLU (Tour Operator) suggests. Sustainable actions are taken in order to avoid food waste. Moreover, plastic and paper recycling, water and electricity savings, introduction of biodegradable amenities and straws, are some of the sustainability measures that the Hotel is implementing.

Role in LOWINFOOD: The main contribution of BLU is expected in WP5, where it participates to task 5.1. BLU is also involved in WP1, WP6 and WP7 together with all other partners.